BitPay: the Crypto payment solution (safe and fast) chosen by Fast Private Jet.

Friday 26 March 2021 Blog, Crypto

BitPay and Fast Private Jet: The way to fly in a private jet by making a simple and safe payment.

The desire for growth and improvement, but above everything the wish to satisfy all the requests and guarantee the best comfort to our customers, led us from March 2020 to introduce transactions in cryptocurrency into our payment methods.

Today, virtual coins are surprisingly becoming a real resource intended to grow, in which more and more investors decided to invest.

Since we have introduced this innovation, we have unsurprisingly noticed that many customers have chosen to benefit from Bitcoin and other crypto values to rent a private jet with our company Fast Private Jet.

It is a payment method instantaneous and safe, highlighting a real advantage in many situations.

Subsequently, to improve the user experience during crypto values payments, we also chose to trust the payment platform BitPay.

If you have never used this kind of payment platform, keep reading because, in this article, we want to explain the opportunity that the partnership Fast Private Jet and BitPay can offer you.

Here you have all the assets.

Collaborazione tra BitPay & Fast Private Jet per pagamenti in criptovalute.

Fast Private Jet and crypto payments: an additional step toward the future.

Since its birth, our company Fast Private Jet always had the absolute objective to give 100% satisfaction to its customers.

In addition to the high-quality experience, our efforts have also been focused on all the details that precede or succeed the flight itself and this is why we were the first to introduce payments in cryptocurrency for the rental of private jets in Italy.

Allowing our customers to buy a private flight in cryptocurrencies was a way to open to the future and to guarantee that even those who have invested in virtual currencies can use those resources to buy luxury services like our flights.

To make the rental experience even more simple, we chose to trust the BitPay platform.

The partnership BitPay and Fast Private Jet allows making a payment for renting a private jet or for hour packages (therefore also higher numbers) in a few minutes, in total safety and without risking that transactions are slowed down by bank checks or that they are blocked.

It is also the best solution when circumstances lead you to book a last-minute flight.

In addition to the responsiveness of the platform, many users also appreciate cryptocurrency payments because transaction costs are almost inexistent and the value of coins is constantly fluctuating, so when it increases, buying goods and services is very convenient.

You also want to buy your next flight on a private plane for rent with cryptocurrencies but you don’t know BitPay? Keep reading, in the next paragraph we explain the concept.

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BitPay: what it is and how it works.

To streamline the transaction process with cryptocurrencies for the rent of private jets, our company Fast Private Jet has chosen to rely on the platform BitPay for diverse reasons.

BitPay was designed specifically to create a simple process for companies to receive payments in Bitcoin and has now become the largest virtual coin payment processor in the world.

As a fast and secure payment method, BitPay is used on all continents of the world and is chosen by more and more users.

BitPay & Fast Private Jet pagamenti in cripto facili e sicuri

Thanks to BitPay you can make real-time payments internationally, also choosing whether to send virtual coins or whether to convert bitcoins into fiat coins (depending on the sender’s requests).

The BitPay platform also, being based on the cryptocurrency system, allows you to make transactions in a secure way and total privacy, so each user is protected from chargeback fraud and identity theft.

Using this platform is very simple and instinctive: you just open a virtual wallet and use all the various options via the app or scan the QR code.

If any further explanation is required for you or any uncertainty remains about this, we remind you that you can contact our Fast Private Jet staff available anytime during the night and 7 days a week.

indicate the cryptocurrencies you would appreciate using to purchase your next private jet flight and we will be happy to provide you with all the information you need.

BitPay & Fast Private Jet: advantages and convenience at your disposal.

As you discovered in this article, the collaboration between BitPay and Fast Private Jet has been created to optimize the customer’s payment experience for the rent of a private jet in various opinions.

BitPay allows you to make payments immediately and benefit the security of the cryptocurrency system. Making transactions is very simple, just connect your electronic wallet, and through the app, you can make your payment without problems.

Feel free to contact our Fast Private Jet staff to request a free quote in euro or cryptocurrencies: you can get the best services at the most competitive prices based on the best quotations on the market.

Benefit from the high value of your cryptocurrencies to invest it on your next trips, with Fast Private Jet you can do it enjoying luxury, exclusive services, and sophistication!

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