Bitcoin where to spend it? Obviously on a private jet!

Tuesday 31 August 2021 Blog, Crypto

Bitcoin: where to spend it at this very advantageous time? Go for private jets to travel more and better!

If you have been using Bitcoins for a long time, you will be aware of the fact that in this period their value has risen dramatically and you are likely wondering where to spend them

Today the companies that accept payments with cryptocurrencies have increased, but one sector that certainly deserves the most attention is that relating to private jet flights. 

In fact, from March 2020, with our business aviation company Fast Private Jet it is possible to pay for the rental of a Private jet with a series of cryptocurrencies, including the much-loved Bitcoin.

The advantages of this option are many and really tempting.

If you want to know more keep reading because in this article we will talk about Bitcoin, where to spend it, and why to bet on private jets!

Bitcoin: dove spenderli?

Bitcoin: use them on private jets to travel more!

In the last year, but especially in recent months, the value of Bitcoins has skyrocketed to reach figures never touched before. This means that using Bitcoins to buy goods and services is a great deal right now. 

If you love to travel or you need to do it often for business reasons, then you should take advantage of the opportunity to purchase flights on a private jet charter even on a long-term basis. 

Until recently, thinking about Bitcoins and where to spend them, it was not so obvious to think of being able to use them to fly, but today with our airline ( the first in Italy to open the doors to cryptocurrencies) this possibility has become a reality and thanks to the BitPay App making transactions to purchase flights or flight packages is easy, safe and fast.

Basically, using Bitcoins to buy your next private jet flight means giving yourself the opportunity to travel more.

In fact, thanks to the growth in the value of the coin, based on your Bitcoin availability you can decide to buy even long-term flight packages, with an initial investment that until recently would have allowed you to buy much less. 

So if you love to explore the world by traveling in an exclusive, luxurious, and personalized way, all you have to do is use your Bitcoins to fly by private jet!

Bitcoin and private jets: a winning combination in a particular historical moment.

The ability to pay the rent of a private jet in Bitcoin is certainly a convenient and innovative opportunity that can prove useful at any time, both due to the speed of transactions and for reasons of security and value of the cryptocurrency.

In this historical moment, however, Bitcoin and private jet flights have undoubtedly proved to be a winning combination!

In fact, due to the health emergency, the world of air traffic has changed considerably. 

Many users who needed to go home after a trip, due to a health emergency, have become victims of many inconveniences, including the cancellation of scheduled flights or the postponement of departure indefinitely.

It is precisely here that the option of flying in a private jet has also grabbed many users who have never done it before

But here are the advantages:

  • Thanks to payments in cryptocurrencies it is possible to make transactions very quickly (with Bitcoins about 10-15 minutes) without waiting for the long banks timing and speeding up all the paperwork;
  • The very high value of Bitcoins allows users to fly with exclusive and first-class services with a minimum investment;
  • Departure takes place on the predetermined date and time without the risk of flights being canceled or postponed:
  • On private jets it is possible to travel in a totally safe way, avoiding contact with other users as much as possible (at a time when the risk of coronavirus infections is very high).

Bitcoin: dove spenderli? Sui voli in jet privato.

So the convenience of Bitcoins and the speed of transactions have meant that many users have been able to reach home smoothly, quickly, and with maximum comfort and safety!

Furthermore, if you have never traveled by private jet, we remind you that among the proposals of our fleet, in addition to the most expensive aircraft, there is also a selection of cheaper and affordable aircraft perfect for getting around this particular historical moment

To conclude.

As you have read in the previous paragraphs, using Bitcoins to purchase flights on a private jet is an opportunity that allows you to fly more and to make a qualitative leap, aiming for more luxurious aircraft. 

Flying paying in bitcoin also means accelerating transaction times and counting on the security of an unassailable system.

Now we are sure that by thinking about Bitcoins and where to spend them, you will certainly consider the opportunity to use them to fly aboard a luxurious, exclusive, and comfortable private charter jet

For any doubts or clarifications on payments or on the choice of private jet and options, we remind you that you can contact our Fast Private Jet staff at any time of day or night, 7 days a week.

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today to request a personalized quote for your next trips and take advantage of the ease of cryptocurrency payments with the BitPay App, to give you many unique flight experiences in the name of luxury and exclusivity!

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