5 Best Solo Travel Destinations In Europe

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A little vacation is always a good idea to rejuvenate from all the stress our everyday lives entail. And while it is enjoyable to go with friends and family, a solo trip offers a whole new level of adventure. 

A holiday with your loved ones may feel like the best thing to do to de-stress, and it can be! But going on a vacation by yourself is the perfect opportunity to relax and soak in the culture and environment of your preferred destination. 

In fact, seasoned travelers have recommended that a person embarks on a solo trip at least once for the experience. 

Best Places To Travel Solo In Europe 

Europe is undoubtedly one of the best continents to head out to when planning a solo trip. The rich cultures and impeccable cuisines attract solo travelers, and its reputation for being relatively safe to travel alone and the ease of transportation- make it easy to go from one place to another. 

Below is a short compilation of what we consider the best travel destinations in Europe. 

London, United Kingdom 

London, United Kingdom

Amidst the bustling city life, a solo trip to one of Europe’s most popular cities is one you should place high on your list. 

London is recommended if you prefer to go around, a bustling city with so much to offer and packed with picturesque attractions well-loved by tourists. 

The London Eye, Big Ben, and the famous London Bridge are just some main tourist spots in this famed UK city. 

Lone travelers embark on London and find themselves amongst other solo goers, as this city is a favorite go-to place for individual travelers. 

Valletta, Malta 

Valletta, Malta

Dubbed as a European Art City-one of this city's many titles - Valletta is known for being one of the most vital historic areas in the world. 

An exploration of the capital city of Malta will give you an in-depth glimpse of the Baroque period with its intricate architecture. 

This World Heritage City is also famed for being solo traveler-friendly due to the locals being very accommodating and hospitable. The language barrier is less of an issue in Valletta, as English is well-spoken in this city. 

Amsterdam, Netherlands  

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A European trip would not be complete without a visit to the beautiful city of Amsterdam. 

Culture, cuisine, and a collection of art-filled locations? Amsterdam has it all! There are just so many areas to explore, and the city is always filled with fun things to do. 

Travelers highly recommend a solo trip to the capital city of the Netherlands.

Wind down the famous canals and visit the hidden gems of this city. Another popular attraction in this exciting location is the Dutch tulip season, where hundreds of thousands of these beautiful blooms make for a scenic view. 

Reykjavik, Iceland 

Reykjavik, Iceland

As one of the few countries where the famed Aurora Polaris can be viewed, Iceland is among the top of any traveler’s must-go place in Europe. 

Iceland's capital city is known to be one of the safest cities in the world, so it’s no surprise why Reykjavik is a solo traveler’s paradise. 

While in the capital, you may want to explore the neighboring city, where the breathtaking Blue Lagoon is located just outside Grindavik. 

Athens, Greece 

Athens, Greece

The historical city of Athens is home to the Acropolis- an ancient citadel where many age-old architectural ruins are situated. 

Being the largest and most-influential Greek city, Athens is also known for its engaging culture and striking modernization. 

Exploring a city alone can often feel a little daunting, but you’d find this untrue when in Athens as it is absolutely a thrilling city to enjoy. 

Indulge Yourself With Solo Trips To Europe  

Some individuals take off on a solo adventure to do a little soul-searching. For others, it’s just really their preferred way of traveling. But whatever your reasons may be, an unaccompanied trip will allow you to see vacations from a whole new perspective. 

It will give you a sense of fulfillment to go independently without relying on other people and fully take control of whatever situations may come up during your solo travel. 

And since you’re going all out on your much-awaited trip, why not go even further by traveling via private jet

Setting off on your solo journey using this means of air transportation can easily be the highlight of your trip, as chartering a private aircraft brings about perks that you can never get anywhere else. 

And if booking the entire private jet can feel a bit too much and heavy on your pocket, some private jet providers offer the option of booking your seat- that means you will be traveling with strangers going to the same destination.

Be impulsive, take control, and set off on what might just be the best trip of your life! 

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