Are private jets safe? Yes, and you should try the comfort of a charter flight right now

Wednesday 6 July 2022 Blog, Discover the Aircraft

Is it really safer to fly in a private plane than in a commercial one?

The answer is yes. In terms of hygiene, health and minimising the risk of Covid-19 transmission, flying in a private jet is much safer than boarding a commercial flight for several reasons.

In this article, we will see why choosing a private jet would be your best choice in terms of:

  1. Health security
  2. Personnel safety
  3. Aircraft safety

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7 reasons why flying by chartered flight is safer (especially in the post-covid era)

You have control of the timing

A private flight takes off at a time that suits your purposes. That means, you won't have to adapt to the airline availability.

By choosing the right day and time for you, it's you who decides to make or avoid stopovers in different cities and stay as long as you want. Not to mention the amount of time you would save by skipping the lines at check-in, security and airport customs.

Less time and mastery of your schedule means less exposure to places and people, thus less exposure to possible contagion.

Less contact with people

What makes airports unsafe are the millions of travellers who enter and exit their gates every day. In this day and age, it is important to know who is travelling next to you and who you are sharing space with, something that is virtually impossible on commercial flights.

If you choose to charter a private jet, you will be able to choose your fellow travellers. In other words, you can fly alone, with your family or with your colleagues – if you're on a business trip!

There are fewer people in the cabin

Commercial flights require large crews to operate the aircraft and look after the passengers. It stands to reason that a smaller aircraft with fewer occupants will require fewer staff.

Reducing the number of people on board also reduces the likelihood of contagion and increases control over sanitary measures.

It is easier to organise passengers

When flying on a private jet, you have the whole plane to yourself and your people, there are no strangers inside.

Although on a commercial flight you can select your seats (usually at an extra charge), you can hardly choose who travels in all the seats around you.

A private flight gives you the freedom to seat passengers where and how it suits them best.

You have more sanitary control

On a private jet you know exactly how many people are on the plane, who they are and whether they have already been vaccinated or tested for the coronavirus.

It is also easier to observe measures such as temperature taking, disinfection onboarding, healthy distance and the use of masks.

Cleaner air

Private jets are thoroughly cleaned between flights, and it is no secret that the air on commercial flights is unhealthy, due to pressurised cabins and continuous recycling.

In short, the commercial flight environment is a hotbed of infection, and in the post-covid era that is not the best. In this sense, private aircraft ensure a cleaner environment, as they are not recycling the breath of sometimes hundreds of people.

It can be an investment and even a saving

Many companies and individuals are still reluctant to embrace private flying, despite having the resources to afford it, believing it to be an unjustified expense at a time when many are facing additional financial pressure.

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Competent, safe and accredited personnel will make your flight an unforgettable (and super safe) experience

With Fast Private Jet, we can also talk about safety when it comes to personnel. As mentioned before, all our staff have been trained to follow all coronavirus protocols to the letter, but that's not all.

All the people who interface with our customers, but also the pilots and mechanical engineers who are part of our team, have been chosen after a careful and thorough selection process.

Before including each operator in our staff, we carry out personal investigations, precisely to give our customers the certainty that they are flying in safe hands. As proof of our transparency, we are willing to share with you the documents of the operators who will be handling them before each flight, should you deem it necessary.

In addition to this, each operator undergoes several tests and quality checks.

Flying with Fast Private Jet means dealing with multi-skilled and highly competent professionals.

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Aircraft safety: careful, precise and punctual maintenance

By opting to rent a private jet with Fast Private Jet, you can be sure that you will be boarding an aircraft that has been meticulously inspected to ensure safety in all respects.

Our specialist engineers will ensure that each aircraft, prior to each delivery, can be considered absolutely safe, both mechanically and in terms of its internal components, so that the flying experience can be free of mishaps and take place with complete peace of mind.

As you know, flying in a private plane also means arriving at your destination quickly.

Our professionals, before each trip, make sure to detect the maximum speed of each aircraft to ensure that passengers arrive at their destination as quickly as possible, but also as safely as possible, whether small private planes or larger ones.

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In this article, we talked about the reasons why flying by private jet is safer than a commercial flight, from the point of view of health, personnel and aircraft itself.

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