5 Private Jet Travel Demand Trends in 2022

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Many private aircraft owners and flyers have changed their habits as a result of the international proliferation of COVID-19. Many regular commercial and private flyers decided to forsake flying and travel in general after the initial fallout of COVID-19 in early 2020. 

As more businesses and locations gradually reopen, aircraft owners have had to adjust to their customers' new safety standards and worries. The private jet market is likely to change as companies respond to new concerns.

If you're looking to book a private jet, you might be interested in learning more about COVID-19's impact on private aviation in 2020, as well as the private aviation trends for the rest of 2022 that could affect your flight.

Consistent Sanitation Efforts

Sanitation Efforts

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Because passengers are becoming more concerned about sanitation and private aviation firms want to keep their passengers safe, sanitation has become a higher priority for companies in the private jet charter market. 

Private jets are easier to keep clean by nature, with fewer passengers to account for and more space on board to maintain social distance. 

Many private aviation companies provide face masks to staff and flight crews as a safety precaution. These masks meet the COVID-19 requirements for preventing the spread of the virus. 

Increasing COVID-19 testing for crews and staff and temperature checks is another major private jet trend. These checks can detect fevers in crew members or employees, allowing them to be sent home before spreading an infection.

Private jet operators will prioritize cleanliness in their aircraft interiors and facilities and testing and temperature checks. Intensive cleaning practices involving heavy-duty sanitizers began in 2020 and continue through 2022.


Increase in First-Time Flyers

First-Time Flyers

The market is extending its client base due to a desire for a safer flying experience, with more first-time private jet passengers projected for the rest of the year. While some fliers may have historically avoided private flights due to expense, the greater cleanliness and ease of social distancing may convince these potential clients that jet charters are well worth the money.

Because there's a chance to attract passengers who haven't flown private before, the private jet charter business will continue to focus its marketing efforts on these potential customers. This new customer base comprises frequent flyers in first or business class.

While past marketing efforts emphasized the luxurious experience and faster flight, operators are increasingly emphasizing the more excellent safety and hygiene of private aircraft to entice potential fliers.

Implementing Digital Technology

Digital Technology

For a long time, corporate aviation has been incorporating increasingly modern digital technologies in its facilities and private planes to improve the flying experience. For example, digital technology such as in-flight Wi-Fi is trendy because it allows passengers to work or relax while flying. 

More digitalization is expected to minimize the number of touchpoints and improve customer convenience through critical procedures such as booking a charter flight, checking in, paying, boarding, and disembarking as COVID-19 becomes more widely adopted.

Companies can incorporate technology that transmits real-time information, news on current COVID-19 limits at destinations, and status alerts if anything changes to provide passengers with crucial information for their safety.

Additionally, companies can use technology and contactless payment options to make the purchasing process more manageable and safer in their facilities and on planes.

Increase In Business Trips

Business Trips

Business aviation has seen a tiny drop in demand during the epidemic compared to the commercial sector. Although business aviation experienced a drop in passengers, the industry began to recover much sooner than the commercial market. Because business aviation offers fliers more flexibility, efficiency, and a more comprehensive range of destinations, demand for business air travel is predicted to increase throughout 2022.

On a global basis, business aviation trends in 2022 appear to be more promising than commercial aviation patterns, with private jet operations increasing by 38% in the first half of 2022 compared to 2021.

Consistent Trips With Families & Pets

Trips With Families & Pets

While business aviation has slowed due to the increased emphasis on virtual meetings, leisure travel has rebounded more quickly. As a result of this trend, private jet companies have begun to provide more space for pets and children. For the rest of 2021, families with dogs and children are projected to take charter flights more frequently.

Operators furnish their planes with booster seats and sleeping spaces where a youngster can nap comfortably to appeal to families with little children. Aboard-board entertainment systems geared for children are also installed on private aircraft to keep children entertained during long flights. Many private planes also provide toys and books for youngsters to play with or read while on board.

Final Thoughts

The private aircraft sector is set to experience a dramatic transformation in the second half of 2022, based on all of the expected trends. Even once the hazards of COVID-19 have passed, this change is likely to continue since passengers will have different expectations for their private flying experience.

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