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Discovering Verona through wine tasting. Be captivated by a beauty that has nothing to do with the Shakespearean myth of Romeo and Juliet! Get to know its amazing territory rich in food and wine excellence.


Every travel experience, whether for pleasure or business, always leads to discovering something new and hitherto unexplored. One sets out to seek serenity, rest, recreation, or simply business opportunities and returns with a new awareness, one that comes from having experienced new landscapes, different cultures, and flavors, to which he will forever be bound.



This is exactly what happens to those who choose as their destination the renowned city of Verona, rich in history and charm, with its many aristocratic villas surrounded by beautiful green hills. And, as is very often the case, those who set out for the city of opera end up captivated by a beauty that has nothing to do with the Shakespearean myth of Romeo and Juliet. Framing this city of art is, in fact, an area surprisingly rich in food and wine excellence, and every traveler cannot fail to experience it.


It is here, in a stretch of land between Mount Baldo and the Lessini mountains, that the climate has allowed vines to be successfully cultivated over the centuries, giving rise to one of the oldest winemaking traditions with wines celebrated in Italy and throughout the world. Amidst gentle slopes, olive groves, parish churches and ancient castles, vineyards abound covering the lands furrowed by the Adige River, the shores of Lake Garda and the hills of Valpolicella, whose different geological peculiarities allow a wide and varied wine production. Among reds, whites, rosés, and specialties such as Passito and Riserva wines, there are dozens of indigenous grapes, hundreds of producers, and as many as 5 DOCGs including Amarone, one of the most prestigious and well-known Italian wines, an ever-present label in starred restaurants around the world.


This heritage has led the district of Verona to become, over time, one of the top destinations for wine tourism, attracting an increasingly diverse audience, made up of experts and professionals but also tourists from all over the world eager to combine their passion for wine with the discovery of places, people and traditions. As a result, new and qualifying experiences have sprung up around wine, such as the winery visits, which include a leisurely walk through the vineyards to discover the native grape varieties, continuing in the production area with the fermentation vats and in the aging area with the large oak barrels. Finally, the journey ends with a wine tasting together with oenologists and producers. When the winery then coincides with a historic home or a luxury relais, the experience becomes even more intense and evocative.


In addition to the cultural dimension, there is also a focus on wellness, thanks to the amenity of places and the healthy character that wine and, in general, food are increasingly taking on. Many tourists would like to find opportunities in the winery to relax and rejuvenate, such as outdoor wellness programs including whirlpools and spas among the vineyards, or to adopt a healthier lifestyle, as in the case of tourist grape harvesting. Activities, in short, that can satisfy a wide audience with different needs.


Amidst evocative views and memories of the Risorgimento period, many wineries in the area offer such itineraries to the many travelers who cross the ocean each year in search of Italian excellence. One among them, located on the morainic hills southeast of Lake Garda, promises its visitors a journey out of time, made of unique scents, colors, and sensations: at Le Vigne di San Pietro it is possible to get lost among the more than ten hectares of parkland dedicated to vineyards where biodiversity and a wide variety of tree species contribute to the balanced development of the grapevines, giving the brand's wines their unmistakable character. Their rich minerality is also guaranteed by clay and limestone soil of glacial origin and the microclimate of nearby Lake Garda.
Here you can immerse yourself in a journey of knowledge, ranging from the intrinsic characteristics of the soil of the lower Garda area to today's viticultural techniques, and take a tour of the vineyards cultivated without the use of herbicides together with owner Carlo. Depending on the season, it is even possible to take part in the manual harvesting process of the prized grapes. The visit then continues in the production cellar, carved out of a typical finely renovated farmhouse, ending with an exclusive tasting in the outdoor park. Here a delicious banquet is usually served in combination with the different wine glasses to enhance the properties and scents of each wine.


At Le Vigne di San Pietro there is no shortage of exclusive private events or appointments dedicated to sociability and the exchange of knowledge, such as industry meetings, dinners in the vineyards by moonlight, and themed tastings. Directly accessible by helicopter or private jet landing in Verona, Le Vigne di San Pietro is ready to welcome Fast Private Jet clients for a unique experience combining culinary excellence, conviviality, and the art of winemaking.

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