A Luxury Experience
in the Heart of Africa

Planning a getaway with family or friends for the ultimate adventure & private escape? Look no further than an authentic African Safari Experience.  An all-inclusive experience brought to you by Fast Private Jet and Safari Guru; specialists in luxury travel in wild Africa's pristine safari and island destinations.






Northern Lights

Take-off on a private jet to Africa.

To complement your private flying experience, we will tailor luxury safari itineraries and African island getaways, guaranteeing a very high level of personal touch and private services. Together with Safari Guru, all of our journeys are meticulously designed to offer a well-rounded and exclusive experience from the moment you depart until you arrive home.

It is the perfect escape for those wishing to indulge in what they love most, at their own pace, and an excellent vacation option for families of all ages. Fast Private Jet will facilitate your entire journey across the best of Southern and East Africa, including some of its lavish island destinations, ensuring everything you would expect from a five-star establishment. We can connect any combination of destinations and properties. Each journey and the routing would be designed based upon your wishes, the demographic of the travelling party, time of year, local events per destination, and specific requests for each travelling party.

Romantic Chalet

Your safari experience will include:

- Luxury accommodation including activities
- Private International flights with onboard catering
- Private airport transfers and ground handling
- Private short-hop flights between airports and lodges

Romantic Chalet

East and Southern African Safari

Whether it's lowland Gorillas in the forests of Rwanda or the awe-inspiring wildlife migration of the Serengeti; to the lions and leopards of the Okavango Delta and the oceans and scenery of mountainous Cape, we have you covered. Considered to be the two most sought-after safari destinations, East & Southern Africa provide the link to witness not only Africa's famous wildlife but stunning scenery and some of nature's greatest spectacles. Our expert partners will explore your African desires and select a destination that will match your expectation and satisfy your sense of discovery and adventure.

Family Actvities

Accommodation & Activities

Using only trusted partners on the ground and lodges owned and managed by people Safari Guru knows and have visited, we can assure your wellbeing every step of the way! Safari Guru maintains these high-level engagements and ensures all partners adhere to excellent COVID policies. Accommodation choices range from luxurious private cottages and tented suites with stunning views to family-sized luxury villas with inviting pools and endless vistas, perfect for multigenerational family groups. All offer authentic luxury while embracing African aesthetics is simply exceptional locations. 

Activities on offer are plentiful; choices include day and night game drives, boating, guided bush walks, spa treatments, wine & food safaris, in some places horse riding, cycling, quad biking, and always, always stargazing into the mesmerising African nights. We can organise specialist holidays such as wellness, cycling, horse riding, or trips geared specifically to families. Additional activities include hot-air balloon rides, helicopter safaris, and diving off some of Africa's tropical islands. 


Allow us to immerse you into a continent that captivates, allows you to see life as it once was, and simply changes lives. A safari experience might be the best journey of your life.

FRANKFURT. Francistown
Legacy 650
11h 30min
13 seats 
From EUR 99.000
LONDON . Zanzibar
Legacy 650
10h 30min  
13 seats
From EUR 85.000
New York. Cape town
Legacy 650
14h 30min
13 seats
From EUR 140.000

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