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Private Jet Coach is a business unit that operates under Fast Private Jet srl, offering Business Aviation consultancy services dedicated to all Aviation Lovers individuals, in particular who want to be part of the Business Aviation world.

Private Jets Operators who are seeking a complete and reliable training for their crew members are also another segment that we offer our services for. Through dedicated workshops, team members will be top-notch Corporate Flight Attendants who can deal with prestigious customers independently in elegance, savoir faire and self confidence manners.

Our trainings are based on years of experience in the business industry and the rigorous coaching methods that includes hospitality and culinary’s latest trends. We also offer specific workshops for Business Aviation Experts, who need to get a deeper insight to specific aspects of the job, or simply refresh their knowledge. We offer dedicated courses about catering order and aircraft management and also a fascinating seminar about how to become a freelance VIP Flight Attendant, very useful and actual know-how.


With Private Jet Coach, Martina, the Founder & Managing Director  is aiming to help enhance Pilots and Flight Attendants’ careers by coaching and training them, creating a valuable and concrete chance to enter and succeed into the unique world of the Business Aviation." breaking into this industry will take a lot of time and dedication, hard-work, being always informed and prepared.

We put on the table our knowledge and a 100 pages manual that is constantly updated.

We offer our services through personalised one-to-one online sessions for soft skills, or through workshops of up to 6 candidates for a duration of three days for hard skills.

Our training includes a deep insight of:

  • - Business aviation insight (aim of the business, customer’s profile, differences between private jets and airlines, terminology, tasks related to VIP job, introduction to Safety and Security)
  • - VIP Flight attendant service training
  • - Flight attendant check list
  • - Catering order and menu preparation
  • - Personal Branding Confidence


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