The Private Lodges

Minimum 2
A peaceful private Experience!
Designed particularly to enjoy the out-of-the-ordinary holiday, where the beautiful nature embraces you everywhere.  






relaxing private lodges

Charter your private jet to Iceland's most exclusive and unique private lodges.

Don´t miss out to stay in one of the exclusive country lodges, all located in maximum 2 hours distance from Reykjavik; very private and perfect destination to reload the batteries and unwind the stress.

external swimming pool with a view

Indulge in your desire sensations

There is a hot jacuzzi outside - perfect to dive in at the evenings with Northern Lights dancing above you during winter - or in the midnight sun during summer!

eco-private lodges

Choose your favorite activity 

The lodges feature elegant interiors with spectacular views. They are available for holiday or tourist rental, special interest vacations as well as functions and corporate events.

The three private lodges come with all the service needed: a maid, chef and butler - it is up to guests to decide how much service they require.

Milan . Reykjavik
Hawker 900 XP
4 hours
8 passengers 
from EUR 24.950
LONDON . Reykjavik
Hawker 900XP 
3 h    
8 passengers
from EUR 19.950
paris. Reykjavik
Hawker 900 XP
3h 20 m
8 passengers
from EUR 21.450

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