Empty Legs

What Is An Empty Leg?

Empty legs are flights that occur when a private jet has to travel empty to be relocated or in other cases to fly back to it’s home base after a private one-way flight is organized. Also, it could happen when a client dropped-off and the aircraft is headed for its next destination with no one on board. This is the case where the flight is considered an opportunity, allowing private traveller to travel on a private jet in a lower & inherently convenient price than the full private jet charter price.

Opportunity of an Empty Leg

The experience on an Empty leg is not compromised. A quality travel, a safe, luxurious & comfortable Private flight to European and international destinations is guaranteed on an empty leg private jet flight.

Price is the most important advantage, which make it a thrill of a last-minute private jet adventure in a convenient price.

An empty leg flight is calculated with a saving up to 75% of the full charter price of a private jet.

Limits of an Empty Leg

Empty Leg flights are operated based on other scheduled flights which are directly impacted by any schedule changes to the originally booked flight.

That makes the empty leg flight is an easy subject to flexibility, the flight can be modified, or even suddenly cancelled.

We are always available to find alternative solutions, all over the world and 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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