The Island Of Eternal Spring

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5 days
A new dream experience, a journey to the edge of the earth, to discover the garden of the Atlantic Ocean.
An experience designed to give a memorable emotion, moving away from the confusion of big cities and today's hectic lifestyle, looking towards new horizons.






"The Island of Eternal Spring" experience is conceived, designed and curated exclusively for Fast Private Jet, which brings with it the excellence and quality of the Maison Louis Vuitton and its superb hotels of the Belmond group.
With its unique landscapes, the abundance of exotic products and its always mild climate, Madeira has earned the name of "Island of Eternal Spring". 
Famous for its ancient laurel forest, spectacular volcanic peaks and lush sheer valleys, Madeira is a true paradise in the middle of the sea that welcomes unspoilt nature. 
In this luxuriant, flowery, wild environment and immaculate meadows, Fast Private Jet wanted to create a unique and refined experience.
The "Island of Eternal Spring" was conceived in five chapters and takes place over 5 days and 4 nights, to make you live a timeless experience in a lush and private peninsula, washed by the waters of the Atlantic.
Deep in the Atlantic Ocean, 400 miles off the northwestern coast of Africa, through this experience it will be possible to discover an enchanting and timeless Portuguese island. 

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