Fast Private Jet Concierge services

It's all in the details.

Sometimes you’d like something extra on board your private jet; occasions when you have a complicated multi-leg journey to plan, or moments when a matter needs to be properly managed. These are the occurences where the experts of business aviation come into the stage. Here, we reveal you more about the extra details that can make your experience simply perfect.

You call the tune

Whether it’s a magazine or your town newspaper, your favourite whisky, a bouquet of roses, a fully-stocked overnight accessories pouch, a pillow treated for allergy, baby diapers or your dog’s favourite food. You name it, and we will make it happen. Apart from the privacy, efficiency and flexibility, this ability to focus onto the details an build an exceptional travel experience is one of the most popular reasons why people choose to charter a private jet.

Tell the travel experience

If what you are looking for is concentration, peace, privacy, and a constant supply of coffee and drinks in an on-air-office equipped with all the technology you need, by utilizing the Fast Private Jet concierge service, everything can be arranged on your behalf including on board gourmet meals, ground transfer, helicopter transfer, yacht vacancies or boat transfer, restaurants, hotels or resorts. A one way private jet flight can connect you between two cities within one day. A complex multi-leg business trip can become an absolute stress-free travel experience. This is just an example of the benefit of flying private

Aircraft access

Flying on a private jet makes everything trouble-free and accessible. All private jets are wheelchair accessible, with Ambu Lift entrance concord for big aircraft. Flight crew and handling agents take care of wheelchair access to smaller aircraft. Everything is arranged in advance, so you can enjoy a prompt and smooth way in into your aircraft. At your arrival at the airport terminal, your luggage will be taken away as you’re greeted by the handling agent, you will benefit of expedited security checks, check-in, and immigration processes, Flying on a private jet takes you just a few minutes, and meters, away from your aircraft and your destination.

The pet and the jet

On private jets, pets can join their owners on board, in fact, they can stay on their side all the time. A Fine Fur experience for indulged pooches! We would like to remind you that a complete travel documentation of your pet is under your responsibility. A pet passport is mandatory, including identification microchip. Please ask to your customer care team member for detailed requirements according to your destination.

Food, delightful sin

The catering service is on request, wine and champagne can be tailored to your personal preferences and special dietary requirements are also available. For light private jet, according to the take off time and the flight duration, a light catering proposal will typically include croissants, fresh fruit, juice, coffee and tea on morning departures; soft or hot drinks, bar selection, VIP sandwiches, seasonal fresh salads and sliced fruit, at other times of the day. On mid size or heavy private jets equipped with galleys (a small kitchen to heat and prepare food), a full gourmet menu can be provided upon request.

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