Private Jet Embraer Phenom 300

Design and efficiency.

When you want to see how it is to fly on a corporate jet that’s within your budget, the time is right to explore the Phenom 300.

Built by Embraer Executive Jets (Brazil), the Phenom 300 incorporates the same Embraer design philosophy and engineering experience that goes into building Embraer’s larger corporate and commercial jets that cost many times more. 

The Phenom 300 has also the 300E variation. This is  a fuel-efficient jet, burning up to 19% less fuel per flight hour(1) than its closest competitor, which makes it one of the greenest aircraft in its category and making it a popular choice with customers around the world

Even though the Phenom 300 is considered an entry-level jet, its cabin - the largest in the category - is big enough to carry up to 10 passengers (when operated as single pilot) in comfort and style. 

Baggage capacity, the largest in its class, is 84 cubic feet – ample room to carry passengers’ bulky luggage.  And the lavatory is the only in the category featuring large windows for additional natural light.



Range - nautical miles 1,917
Seating 6-8
Total Baggage Capacity - cu.ft. 84
Maximum Operation Altitude -ft 45,000
Maximum speed -Mach 0,78